We strongly believe in education
We strongly believe in building hope
We strongly believe in giving back

We officially now have a foundation to execute our beliefs.

We are SheabutterCottageFoundation – an NGO registered in Ghana under Sections 27 + 28 of the Companies Act 1963, Act 179.

Join the SheaCottageTribe and let us build the strong pillars of HOPE.

Our impact includes our continuous support for shea producers as well as helping children with education + welfare needs.

Our current focus is on helping autistic children in Ghana as well as getting more artisanal producers together to form a co-op

We strongly believe that education is vital - hopefully help end poverty.


BENEFICIARIES include but NOT limited to:

Jilima Co-op of Ghana

In October 2018, we mobilised 54 women to form a co-op. We believe that gathering workers together in to co-operatives gives them some safeguards and empowers them to speak with a stronger voice to the buyer of the product. A better price and better terms should ensue.

We acquired land in October 2018, had it measured in January 2019 and started building a structure in March 2019.

Samuel Dankwah of Ghana

“I am Samuel, currently student of the University of Ghana who is excelling in his academic discourse.
I want to thank Akua Wood for the impact she is making in the lives of others through assisting them to further their education.
I stand here as a beneficiary to affirm that I would not have been in school if not the help of Akua Wood.
All we want to say is thank you”
Nana Kwabena of Ghana
2018 - 2022

We are glad to have Nana Kwabena on our books.
Kwabena has a mental age of a 5-year-old. He is autistic and attends mainstream school in Ghana.
Autism is not widely accepted in some societies due to the stigma attached to it. We are sponsoring Kwabena's medical needs/education to give him access to one-to-one tuition.

Konadu + Owusua of Ghana
2018 - 2020

Aged 4 and 8 years old, these 2 are adorable sisters who together with their older brother (Afriyie [12]) are our latest beneficiaries. The siblings lost their Dad just before Konadu was born. We have managed to pay their school fees and hope to extend our gift of giving to their mother too. She does odd jobs and hand washes clothes for others to keep her children educated.

Mary Wanzila of Kenya
2018 -  2019

Mary is 11 years old and is performing well with her studies. She is a shy and quiet girl who loves singing and would love to be a teacher in future.

Aharanatu Abukari of Ghana
2011 - 2020

Aharanatu is 13 years of age and attends a private school to help improve her education. She is incredibly shy - bless her. Back in December 2015, we organised (together with my eldest sibling) for Aharanatu to visit my family in Accra. Her first time travelling. This was obviously out of her comfort zone.

Vele Maziya of Swaziland
2008 - 2021

Vele is a young man with Downs Syndrome. He attended Ekululameni vocational training to help him acquire valuable life skills which will certainly help improve his prospects for the future.
It was lovely hosting Vele and Nonhlanhla for 3 days in Johannesburg in September 2018. It was Vele's first trip out of Swaziland with all expenses covered by SheabutterCottage Foundation.

So grateful to beautiful awesome Nonhlanhla for taking time out of her very busy schedule to sort out passport and travel with Vele.

Despite the language barrier (Vele says yes to everything), we managed to chat and laugh. We have been supporting Vele since 2008 and managed to visit him in Swaziland in 2011.