Unrefined pracaxi oil is cold pressed + filtered to yield a golden coloured oil. The medium sized tree bearing the pracaxi seeds grow throughout northern Brazil. The seeds are harvested between January and May.

Pracaxi oil has a very impressive content of behenic acid to help iron out wrinkles. Pracaxi oil is very moisturising and used in improving skin tone and to help prevent hair loss. An excellent oil to use during pregnancy to help retain elasticity, pracaxi oil also conditions the hair making it easier to comb and also helps to promote shine.

Due to the antibacterial/antifungal properties, pracaxi oil is used in helping to treat skin depigmentation/acne scars/eczema. Traditional use in Brazil includes soaking the bark of the stem on snake/scorpion bites. Pracaxi oil is slightly thick even though it contains only 2% of stearin.

Pracaxi is a fast growing plant in flooded areas and it takes 1 kilogramme of seeds to produce 300g of oil.

Thanks to Mother nature, pracaxi oil solidifies under colder temperature. If you receive your bottle with solid oil, unscrew the lid slightly to release any pressure and stand the bottle in warm water to liquify - never use microwave to warm the oil!

INCI : Pentaclethra macroloba