Cold pressed from the pulp, we ethically source this directly from Brazil. Our unrefined pequi oil is rich in fatty acids with a wonderful pleasant fruity scent and amazing benefits.
A rich source of vitamins A, C, E and B, our unrefined pequi oil also contains lanosterol, phytosterols, selenium stigmasterol and squalene.
A nourishing oil, our unrefined pequi oil is suitable for hair/skin/nail care. Use in the hair as a frizz control, smooth the hair cuticle to maintain moisture and shine.
Prized for its anti-inflammatory properties, it is also suitable for skin conditions including acne and eczema where moisture is much needed. Just a small amount is needed.

Supplied in an amber glass bottles, our Brazilian unrefined pequi oil can be used in
  • Cuticle treatments
  • Face creams
  • Face serums
  • Hair growth oil
  • Hair/scalp treatment
  • Hot oil treatments


INCI : Caryocar brasiliense