Pure cold pressed unrefined marula oil is a stable moisturising oil rich in natural vitamins and antioxidants which work as a tissue oil to help repair scars.
Marula oil is predominantly oleic acid, which makes it an excellent component in skin-care formulations, while also containing linoleic, palmitic and stearic acids.


- To treat dry, chapping skin.
- To maintain hydrated, smooth skin
- To reduce redness.
- Wonderful as an aftershave oil.
- Can be used around the eyes.
- A good Massage oil.
- Face cream

Baby care: massage oil

Hair care: shampoo for dry damaged and fragile hair

Cosmetics: component of lipsticks


Oxidative Stability of Marula Kernel Oil compared with different oils

Oil sample

Induction period (h) **

Marula oil

Olive oil 4.6
Sunflower oil 1.9
Cottonseed oil 3.1
Palmolein oil 8.5


* Average taken from different marula oil samples
** Measured by Rancimat at 120 C and 20 l/h airflow
(Source: Burger et al, 1987)

The marula tree (King of African trees) is best-known for its golfball-sized fruit, which it bears in profusion during summer. The fruit is round to oval, green when young, and becoming butter-yellow as they ripen. The thick, soft, leathery exocarp encloses a white, slimy fruit pulp and a large, hard, woody stone. The seeds contained therein are white and nut-like. The exotic marula fruit is used in the production of Amarula (a favourite tipple which we refer to as the African Baileys® Irish cream).

SAP VALUES: .134 (NaOH) .188 (KOH)

INCI : Sclerocarya birrea