Traditionally hand-pressed without the use of chemicals, our organic/unrefined Jamaican black castor oil is a beautiful oil with a natural amber colour and characteristic scent. Our pure unrefined Jamaican black castor oil is grown and processed from organic castor beans in Jamaica.

Sometimes applied externally to soothe dry skin, our unrefined/organic Jamaican black castor oil is free from additives and can be used for hair treatments as it softens and nourishes.
Black castor oil can be applied to help relieve ear problems, stimulate hair growth and used on baggy eyes/dark circles.
Jamaican black castor oil can be used as hot oil treatment prior to shampooing. Ideal for both natural + relaxed hair.

Due to the nature of this natural wonderful oil, batches may differ from time to time without compromising its efficacy.

Jamaican black castor oil is traditionally used to help:

  • thicken hair
  • encourage hair growth
  • nourish hair
  • soften the skin
  • encourage nail growth

INCI : Ricinus communis