Monoi de Tahiti can be used for top2toe application – pat gently onto the face, massage your elbows and nails.
Monoi de Tahiti can also be applied to the hair as a conditioning/nourishing treatment. Use on its own or add some virgin organic coconut oil for a hot oil treatment.
For a sensual + relaxing treatment, why not try Monoi de Tahiti as a massage tool.
Why is our Monoi de Tahiti in a bottle and not in a jar? Monoi de Tahiti is a semi solid oil which solidifies when the temperature drops to around 24°C.

Our Monoi de Tahiti oil has a wonderful gorgeous aroma that softly lingers. The oil just soaks into your skin beautifully with no oily residue. A little bit goes a very long way. You can bathe in it - add a small amount to warm water to release the enchanting scent of the wonderful Monoi de Tahiti oil to hydrate the skin.
There are further grades of Monoi de Tahiti available on the market that have added fragrance oils or "extended" with coconut oil.