Nutritious baobab is sometimes referred to as superfood due to the abundance of nutrients including calcium, potassium, vitamin C.

Baobab powder is nutritious and can be added to sauces/stews or added to smoothies. Can also be added to yoghurt for a probiotic snack which helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system
Add to a glass of water, smoothies, cereals, ice cream or fruit. Can be used in chutney, jam (due to pectin) or added to your baking mix - sometimes substituted for cream of tartar.

  • Protein rich
  • Food grade
  • Plant based
  • Pure
  • No artificial colours
  • No additives

Native to Africa (adansonia digitata species), baobab powder is a slightly tangy powder processed from the baobab "the upside down tree". The fruits have been dried and naturally processed without any additives and can be used both internally and externally. Known as towa in Dagbani, it is revered for its properties.
Try adding the baobab powder (1 or 2tsp) to your smoothies, fish cakes, ice cream or jam. You can also just add water with a dollop of agave nectar for a refreshing drink.

INCI : Adansonia digitata