Ethically sourced, our unrefined caiaue ojon oil is rich in amino acids.
This restorative oil is cold pressed from the nut of the Amazonian palm is sometimes also referred to as batana oil.

Used locally as a skin and hair protective oil, it is locally referred to as ojon oil. Traditionally processed, it has a nutty scent with anti-fungal properties and commonly used in hair treatments providing relief to itchy scalp. Has the same constitution as hair keratin. Excellent for damaged hair, use a small amount after shampooing to condition the hair strands. A great oil to provide moisture and shine, unrefined caiaue ojon oil melts at 18°C.

Can also be used in skin care thanks to the presence of vitamin A, linoleic {omega-6} and oleic {omega-9}acids for that radiant glow

Supplied in a glass bottle, our Brazilian unrefined caiaue oil can be used in

  • Face serums
  • Hair/scalp treatment
  • Dry hair
  • Fragile hair
  • Wonderful for damaged hair
  • Great for edges
  • Soothes itchy scalp
  • Helps promote growth
  • Helps promote hair elasticity
  • Helps promote thicker hair
  • Works on both low/high porosity hair