Sunday, August 7, 2016
Living with thyroid dictates my diet - the wrong food can upset my body as thyroid affects the immune system. 

The best way for me to help myself naturally is by shaking up my guts with this simple juice. 
Pineapple on its own can upset me but I find it easier to take with a blend of other natural ingredients. I have chosen ingredients that can help with tummy upsets. I call this my "probiotic drink". I weighed everything to make things easier :) 

10g baobab powder 
15g fresh root ginger 
150g coconut water 
189g fresh pineapple

Blend all the ingredients together and enjoy. You can omit the ginger. Too much ginger can have the adverse reaction. 
No need for a straw to enjoy this lovely drink. Just make sure that the coconut water is chilled before use.