Camellia kissi oil


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Used in Japanese skin care to help improve skin elasticity and nourish damaged hair, camellia kissi oil is light, non-greasy and easily absorbed.
Can be used as a massage/bath/body oil - great for combination skin.
Can also be applied to the cuticle to help strengthen the nails.
  • Non-greasy
  • Effective moisturiser for both skin + hair
  • Quick absorbing
  • Improves skin texture
  • Softens hair
  • Forms protective barrier to seal in moisture

The ancient Japanese floral oil is fast becoming a popular skin care treatment to fight the signs of aging.
Japanese Camellia oil is a product of the Camellia japonica flower. The plant grows primarily in the Goto Islands of Nagasaki Prefecture and the Izu Islands of Tokyo Prefecture. Flowers bloom in red, pink or white colors. Camellia japonica seeds are cold-pressed to produce the clear pale yellow edible oil with a light sweet scent.

Other variations of the Camellia flower include Camellia oleifera and Camellia sinensis. These flowers are cultivated in the southern provinces of China and are primarily used for tea and cooking. The popular oolong, green, white and black teas are made from Camellia flowers. Due to the flower's association with tea, camellia oil is sometimes referred to as tea seed oil.

Camellia Oil in History
In the 18th century, Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus named the flower genus "Camellia" in honor of European missionary and botanist Georg Joseph Kamel and called the species "Japonica" to describe its Japanese origins.
For centuries, people have extracted the oil of the Camellia japonica for skin care, hair care and culinary purposes. Since the oil has a rich antioxidant and essential fatty acid content, it was good for both cooking and beauty needs.
Today people from all over the world are discovering the many benefits of camellia oil.

Benefits of Camellia Oil for Skin
Camellia oil provides many benefits for the skin ranging from moisturising to wound healing. The oil provides the following benefits for skin:
  •  Effective moisturising
  •  Penetrates skin fast
  •  Forms protective barrier to seal in moisture
  •  Restores moisture balance in dry skin
  •  Soothes skin irritations
  •  Forms protective barrier against sun damage
  •  Hypoallergenic
  •  Non-comedogenic
  •  Softens fine lines and wrinkles
  •  Promotes wound healing
Camellia oil is light but deeply moisturising and does not have a lingering heavy scent. The fading scent makes it suitable for both men and women.

Uses of Camellia Oil for Skin Care
People use camellia oil for skin care in the following ways:
Moisturiser - Camellia oil can spot treat dry areas of skin and is also light enough as a daily facial or body moisturiser. Apply oil to damp skin for optimal moisture.

Sunscreen - For centuries people uses camellia oil as a protective barrier over the skin to prevent sun damage.

Anti-aging product- The antioxidant value of the oil helps the oil regenerate skin cells and encourages a more youthful appearance with regular use.

Scar fading treatment - The oil is helpful in fading old scars when applied over a long period of time.

Wound care - The oil helps speed up wound healing and discourages the formation of scars.

Acne treatment - Light spot treatments of camellia oil can help heal acne pimples and encourage healthy, clear skin.

The oil of the Camellia japonica flower is a light, non greasy oil that easily blends into the skin and leaves it smoother and more resilient. Using camellia oil daily can produce smoother and more moisturised skin due to its moisturising abilities and antioxidants. This ability to penetrate skin and regenerate skin is one of the reasons people seek it out as a possible anti-aging treatment. It is easy to see why modern cosmetic manufacturers are starting to include camellia oil as an ingredient in anti-aging products.


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Linda - USA
Seems great

The package arrived earlier than expected. The oil seems great. Thank you for making this so much easier than with the others


I’ve found the Camellia Kissi oil to be fantastic for my face; my skin literally drinks it up, and it provides genuinely long-lasting hydration / nourishment without being greasy or clogging up my skin - exactly as promised on the label description!

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