Brahmi powder


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Crafted from the finest Brahmi herbs, this authentic Ayurvedic remedy offers a soothing solution for scalp irritations and hair thinning.

Known for its exceptional properties, Brahmi powder might effectively help with dandruff, leaving your scalp refreshed and revitalised.

Embrace the natural benefits of Brahmi for a healthier scalp and lustrous hair.

Brahmi helps with hair thinning and relieves itchy scalp.
Brahmi powder is an excellent product in helping clear dandruff. We recommend using it together with our unrefined neem oil to help control dandruff.
Brahmi can be used with bhringraj to help thicken the hair or neem for an itchy scalp relief. Can be used as a hair rinse after shampooing. Just bring it to the boil, strain and leave to cool before use
  • stimulates hair follicles
  • helps to maintain dark hair
  • helps to keep a healthy scalp
  • helps to soothe the scalp - could be ideal for preventing dandruff

Always add 5g brahmi powder with henna powder to mix into a smooth paste. This has been shown to strengthen and help with hair loss. Brahmi is a great scalp coolant.
Strengthens hair roots.


INCI : Bacopa monnieri

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