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Cleanse, detoxify and nourish your crowning glory with our rhassoul shampoo bar loaded with rhassoul clay, organic argan oil and fair trade unrefined shea butter.

Our rhassoul shampoo bar lathers and cleans hair very well without stripping its natural oils nor leaving any residues on the scalp.

Aqua, Butyrospermum Parkii, Sodium Olivate, Sodium Cocoate, Argania Spinosa (Org.), Ricinus Communis, Hectorite, Pyrus Malus (Org.), Simmondsia Chinensis, Panthenol, Sunflower Lecithin
(ORG) - organic

We handmake our soaps with generous amounts of nourishing and moisturising plant oils in the "old fashioned traditional way" in small batches.  Mix until our arms can not take it anymore, leave to set, cut into bars and leave to cure.

The curing process is never rushed. It takes a long time [anything from 4 weeks ….] to ensure that you use a very gentle soap.  Oh, and the beauty of this is that the glycerine is all intact to keep the moisture levels balanced.

Each bar or liquid soap is made with you in mind with skin loving + hair friendly oils - we never rush it nor cut corners.

Rather than hiding behind the “natural” jargon, we do make it NATURAL focusing on ethically sourced plant oils and ingredients which work in harmony with your skin + wellbeing.

We pride ourselves making soap which is

  • ethical
  • cruelty-free
  • vegan friendly
Be kind to your skin
Be gentle with your hair
ORGANIC ARGAN OIL: The fruit contains up to 3 oil-rich seeds which takes over a year to mature - ripening in June/July of the following year. Up to 3 kilos of kernel are need to produce a litre of this gorgeous oil. The oil has a unique profile of fatty acids, tocopherols & squalane and contains more mg/kg of tocopherols than olive oil. Argan oil is great at moisturising lifeless hair. We purchase this cold processed oil directly from Morocco.

RHASSOUL CLAY: A mineral rich detoxifying clay from Morocco. A completely non-irritating clay, rhassoul leaves hair soft and shiny and enhances its volume.

SHEA BUTTER: Our passion for pure unrefined fair trade shea butter is evident in our range of ethical handmade natural toiletries. We purchase this lovely butter directly from our own Jilima co-op in Ghana and use it in our rhassoul shampoo bar to add moisture and help protect the hair.

Customer Reviews

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Oh My Gosh!!

This natural shampoo bar is NEXT LEVEL!! I washed my 4c hair while it was still plaited as It was late in the day and was to tired to undo them - I thought I will deal with my hair properly the next day and conditioned it. OMG! undoing my plaits my hair was so soft and manageable, my hair in its natural form has NEVER felt amazingly soft by any shampoo product before!!

This was the first time I have used this Shampoo bar and I have deep dived into many products over the last few years. I am so excited that I have found hair food that my hair loves.

Thank you so much Shea Butter Cottage for having the vision, love and care that have been injected into your products. May your company continue to bloom & flourish in excellence!


Solid GOLD

I am actually very surprised there aren't any reviews on this soap, but at the same time it is always out of stock haha. I assume people love it, but never find the time to leave a proper review.

Okay, i gave this bar 5 stars as that is the limit. In actuality I would have love to give it 10.

SERIOUSLY. This bar is a GOD SEND for me. I initially used it while doing my undergrad in UK (Cambridge) about 5years ago. I received it as a gift from a giveaway Auntie (Owner of SheabutterCottage) had in which i won this bar amongst many other lovely gems. I loved it soo much that it was the ONLY thing I would use to wash my hair.

I graduated and moved back to Zambia and never got the chance to repurchase before i left; however the bar left such an impact on me that i repurchased it and had it shipped ALL THE WAY TO ZAMBIA (AFRICA).

I decided i wanted to quit using sulfate shampoos and decided to repurchase this one. As soon as it arrived, i used it on my hair. I expected it to only be a blessing to my hair, but to my surprise, the next day my skin (i have serious acne prone skin) cleared and i had done nothing different. I decided to do the most unexpected thing, and used the bar to wash my face (morning + night) GUYS. This bar cleared my cystic/deep acne. I don’t know how to thank you for this soap Auntie, seriously, I have been trying to clear my cystic acne for years now. GOD BLESS YOU! I will continue to order for life!

Curl bounce

Boy am I glad I stumbled upon Sheabutter Cottage! This company and Akua pours their grit, heart and soul into every product from research to development.

I was sceptical using this bar - the first wash gave life to my afro kinky 4c hair - literally! When I dried my hair, my hair had a bounce to it. Naturally I thought let’s see what happens when I wash my hair again and coupled with the avocado and coconut leave-in my hair curled and had a bounce I hadn’t seen since I was a child before the perm etc.

Sheabutter Cottage is the REAL DEAL - does what it says on the tin


It really does a good job at making my hair clean.

Best shampoo

This is the BEST shampoo I have ever used since being on my hair journey.

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