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This creamy unscented shampoo bar contains community trade hair softening baobab, shining papaya, fair trade strengthening unrefined shea and detangling cocoa butter to cleanse and hydrate your hair.

Brimming with premium unrefined butters and oil from Ghana.
It lathers and cleans hair very well without stripping its natural oils nor leaving any residues on the scalp.  

Cut a chunk to wash your hair with.

Adansonia Digitata, Butyrospermum Parkii, Sodium Cocoate, Carica Papaya, Theobroma Cacao, Linum Usitatissimum, Glycerin, Aqua, Pyrus Malus (Org.), Sodium Palmate*
*sustainably sourced unrefined *

We handmake our soaps with generous amounts of nourishing and moisturising plant oils in the "old fashioned traditional way" in small batches.  Mix until our arms can not take it anymore, leave to set, cut into bars and leave to cure.

The curing process is never rushed. It takes a long time [anything from 4 weeks ….] to ensure that you use a very gentle soap.  Oh, and the beauty of this is that the glycerine is all intact to keep the moisture levels balanced.

Each bar or liquid soap is made with you in mind with skin loving + hair friendly oils - we never rush it nor cut corners.

Rather than hiding behind the “natural” jargon, we do make it NATURAL focusing on ethically sourced plant oils and ingredients which work in harmony with your skin + wellbeing.

We pride ourselves making soap which is

  • ethical
  • cruelty-free
  • vegan friendly
Be kind to your skin
Be gentle with your hair

Customer Reviews

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Made my hair look like wet straw

I really wanted to like this as it sounded amazing but it made my hair look like wet straw. I tried it multiple twice to check that it wasn't just having an off day but it was the same each time and it took two washes with my normal shampoo to get it back to its usual state.

Goes a long way

This bar goes a long way and cleans my hair well without harsh chemicals. I really like Sheabutter Cottage for its variety in products but also its ethical approach.

Thank you :-)

Ndrika A
I'm a fan

Loved this product. My hair felt revived which surprised me as I usually dread shampooing my hair due to most products making my hair feel matted and dry. The product also arrived quicker than expected!

Cleans without stripping your hair.
First time buying soap shampoo and I'm a fan!

Great shampoo

Great shampoo, I use it also for my children. Natural, healthy, mild yet powerful.

Great also for those who are not used to solid shampoos. Puts hair back in shape and leaves them very light (without conditioner) which is important for very long hair. Thickens the hair and leaves them shiny. Very easy to use with short hair, treats the scalp in a minute.

Natural and non drying

Finally! natural and doesn't dry out your hair.

additional conditioner not required with this. may hair loves it. hopefully a start to new found love

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