Sustainably sourced from Ghana, our red palm oil is unrefined food grade with no acidic after taste and can be used as a skin moisturiser.

Rich in natural carotenoids, it is golden in colour with a wonderful lovely natural taste and scent - no additives - no salt - no spices - no colouring.
We finally found a small producer who only makes this to order and totally shares our ethics.

Red palm oil is traditionally used in Ghana in cooking on low heat to avoid tampering with the natural nutrients [vitamin A/B complex + protein]. Great for sight but too much consumption can be difficult to burn off.

Red palm oil is also used in treating boils.
Due to the natural staining effect, red palm is best massaged well into the skin.

SAP VALUES: .142 (NaOH) .199 (KOH)


INCI: Elaeis guineensis