From the rich Zambian vegetation, comes this lightweight cold processed unrefined extra virgin organic mongongo [manketti] oil which we call the vegetable liquid silk.

Our authentic extra virgin organic mongongo oil certified by ECOCERT and USDA NOP is obtained from the fruit of the mongongo tree. The kernels are wild harvested by more than 180 women who are supported through social responsibility – we love ethical trade.

The mongongo tree which grows to a height of approximately 20 metres can produce 30kgs of fruits
Flowering between October and November, the Mongongo fruit contains up to 2 oil-rich kernels ripening in April of the following year. The oil has a unique profile of fatty acids - one of the few oils to contain eleostearic acid {~32%} and tocopherols (vitamin E).
Despite the tocopherol content, Mongongo oil is still quite fragile hence we offer it in an amber glass bottle with a lotion pump - please recycle after use.

Mongongo oil is traditionally used in cooking and to hydrate, regenerate and protect the skin – helps protect against UV rays as well as reducing inflammation. This cold pressed extra virgin organic unrefined mongongo oil from Zambia can also be used to condition moisturise the hair. It has a wonderful silky feel and helps reduce frizz.
Our authentic extra virgin organic unrefined mongongo oil has an FFA (free fatty acid) of 0.09% and peroxide value of a tolerance level of 2.7% - 6.3% and offered for external use only.

  • For external use only
  • 100% natural
  • Plant based
  • No artificial colours

Organic wild crafted extra virgin unrefined mongongo oil can be used in
  • Facial serums
  • Lip care
  • Under makeup
  • Massage oils
  • Face creams
  • Baby care
  • Hair/scalp treatment
  • Dry hair
  • Fragile hair
  • Helps promote hair elasticity
  • Helps promote shine and silky hair
  • Works on both high/low porosity hair

INCI : Schinziophyton rautanenii