Lavender is a fragrant herb with more than 20 species – including lavandula angustifolia. Essential oil distilled from this woody shrub has a calming effect which I can attest to as it helps you to sleep. Lavender is also ideal at helping treat dandruff, muscular aches and eczema.

Lavender essential oil is great as a sleep aid - mix with your favourite plant oil and use it on your hairline just before bedtime and drift off to a peaceful sleep.
Some use of lavender include treating insomnia, minor burns, cuts and headaches.
Do not use neat. Always dilute with a carrier oil.

SCENT NOTE : Top/Middle
CAUTION: Consult a doctor before use if you are pregnant.

ALLERGENS : Naturally found in lavender essential oil

    Total = 47.1% :
  • Linalool 45%
  • Geraniol 1.1%
  • Limonene 1%

INCI : Lavandula angustifolia