The unusual tree which also grows in Northern parts of Ghana bears the fruit known as monkey bread. The tree provides a seating place for wise men to share ideas.

The baobab seeds were so refreshingly tasty to snack on after a long warm journey travelling upstream when visiting the Volta region of Ghana in April 2011. 

Baobab tree is another amazing tree. Standing majestically in front of my "residence" whilst I worked in Northern Ghana in April 2011, it bears the hairiest fruit I have ever seen.

Known as towa in Dagbani, it is revered for its medicinal use.

Why is it amazing? Well, it is quite rare to find a tree which has many uses:

  • the tree produces gum which is traditionally used to numb tooth ache 
  • the leaves are edible and can be used in soup 
  • the fruit can be used in ice cream 
  • the roots can be used as potash for soap making
  • the casing of the fruit can be used as a musical instrument 

...... the list goes on :)