The leaves of the henna plant is traditionally used in Northern Ghana as body art, as a natural hair dye, to help strengthen the hair resulting in luxurious hair. Our body art quality [baq] henna powder can also be used to condition the hair.
The intensity of the colour depends on how long the mixture is left to dry during application. Henna is not a permanent hair dye
Locally known as "Lelle", it is pure with NO CHEMICALS, NO EXTRA ADDITIVES - just 100% plant goodness.
We import this directly from Ghana

Our henna is:

  • body art quality [BAQ]
  • pure
  • unbleached
  • sifted
  • contains no additives

Your liquid has to be warm:
  • brewed coffee or tea will help achieve dark brown
  • For grey strands, we recommend adding amla to your henna mix
  • You can also use indigo powder
  • The addition of hibiscus tea can help to promote shine
  • to release the dye, you need to add acidic liquid [lemon, vinegar]

Always wear gloves when working with henna to avoid dyeing your fingers :)

Always add 5g brahmi powder with henna powder to mix into a smooth paste. This has been shown to strengthen and help with hair loss. Brahmi is a great scalp coolant.
Strengthens hair roots.

INCI : Lawsonia Inermis