Tigernut oil : unrefined

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Tigernut oil is a soothing cold pressed dry oil from the sweet tuberous seeds of the tigernut plant. A great oil for dry itchy sensitive skin, tigernut oil is rich in vitamin e making it a stable oil and helps to improve skin elasticity.

The tigernut can be found growing in warm areas. It is a wonderful small tuberous "nut" which also produces milk. It is said to be aphrodisiac .

Tigernut oil helps to condition the hair and promote shine.
It is easily absorbed and highly moisturising due to its oleic acid content [omega-9 - monounsaturated].
It also contains a small amount of behenic acid making it ideal for "ironing out wrinkles".
Due to the palmitic acid content, tigernut oil may solidify under cold temperature.

INCI : Cyperus esculentus

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