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Pure cold pressed unrefined marula oil is a stable moisturising oil rich in natural vitamins and antioxidants which work as a tissue oil to help repair scars.

Pure cold pressed unrefined marula oil is a stable moisturising oil rich in natural vitamins and antioxidants which work as a tissue oil to help repair scars.
Marula oil is predominantly oleic acid, which makes it an excellent component in skin-care formulations, while also containing linoleic, palmitic and stearic acids.


- To treat dry, chapping skin.
- To maintain hydrated, smooth skin
- To reduce redness.
- Wonderful as an aftershave oil.
- Can be used around the eyes.
- A good Massage oil.
- Face cream

Baby care: massage oil

Hair care: shampoo for dry damaged and fragile hair

Cosmetics: component of lipsticks


Oxidative Stability of Marula Kernel Oil compared with different oils

Oil sample

Induction period (h) **

Marula oil

Olive oil 4.6
Sunflower oil 1.9
Cottonseed oil 3.1
Palmolein oil 8.5


* Average taken from different marula oil samples
** Measured by Rancimat at 120 C and 20 l/h airflow
(Source: Burger et al, 1987)

The marula tree (King of African trees) is best-known for its golfball-sized fruit, which it bears in profusion during summer. The fruit is round to oval, green when young, and becoming butter-yellow as they ripen. The thick, soft, leathery exocarp encloses a white, slimy fruit pulp and a large, hard, woody stone. The seeds contained therein are white and nut-like. The exotic marula fruit is used in the production of Amarula (a favourite tipple which we refer to as the African Baileys® Irish cream).

SAP VALUES: .134 (NaOH) .188 (KOH)

INCI : Sclerocarya birrea

NATURAL + UNREFINED:  We work directly with cooperatives and artisanal producers who process our range of pure natural exotic oils without the use of chemicals.  Some of these are organic in nature and filtered for use retaining the natural characteristic scent and quality. 

We sell our range of oils by volume [with the exception of organic babassu, virgin coconut oil, unrefined palm/palm kernel which is sold by weight]

UNDERSTANDING PLANT OILS: Most butters and oils are made up of two components - olein (liquid) and stearin (stearic). This is why some butters easily melt depending on the amount of olein and some solidify under colder temperatures depending on the amount of stearin. This does not affect the product in anyway.
Oils that will solidify include the following: Organic argan, Babassu, Organic virgin coconut oil, Golden jojoba oil, Monoi de Tahiti, Moringa, Unrefined palm kernel, Organic sapote, Shea oil, ..... this list goes on

Oils are made up of 3 fatty acids which help to determine the shelf life. These are:
1. Saturated : a long carbon chain with no unsaturated fatty acid - long shelf life
2. Monosaturated : a long carbon chain with one unsaturated fatty acid - decent shelf life
3. Polysaturated : a long carbon chain with two unsaturated fatty acid - very fragile shelf life

Have you ever wondered why your oil sometimes ends up with semi solid chunks?
This tends to happen when the temperature drops and is due to the natural content of stearic +/- palmitic acid.

This image shows our fast absorbing silky unrefined baobab oil which thanks to Mother Nature is semi solid due to the cold temperature.

Baobab has approximately 6% stearic and 30% palmitic acid.
It is quite fascinating watching liquid oil [coconut + babassu] slowly solidify – it looks like something out of a biology class 😉

If you receive your bottle with solid oil, unscrew the lid slightly to release any pressure and stand the bottle in warm water to liquify - never use microwave to warm the oil!

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