Moringa leaf powder has an abundance of nutrients (vitamin A, calcium, potassium, protein, vitamin C). Moringa is truly an amazing plant.
Known as the drumstick tree/moloko/bued/mronge/kpokpoti, all parts of the moringa tree are used in traditional medicine. The seed pods can be used to purify/treat water. The oil from the seeds can be used in cosmetics.
Moringa leaf powder is a nutritional "supplement" which can be infused as tea, added to sauces/stews or added to smoothies.
Moringa leaf powder is beneficial to lactating/nursing mothers as it helps to boost their milk production.
Moringa leaf powder also helps to lower blood pressure. It helps to aid sleep when drank just before bedtime.
Moringa leaf powder should be added to stews/sauces towards the end of the cooking time.
Moringa leaf powder can be used by any member of the family - especially great when you have fussy eaters {children}.

Moringa leaf powder has also been known to help with people wanting to slim down

Please note that all the above information is not made with any medical claims but from my own/my family knowledge.
Care should be taken though if you are known to have low blood pressure.


A conducted study shows that the dried leaves contain:
  • Vitamin A: 18.9mg compared to 1.8mg in carrots
  • Vitamin C: 17.3mg compared to 30mg in oranges
  • Calcium: 2003mg compared to 120mg in milk
  • Iron: 28.2mg compared to 1.14mg in spinach
  • Potassium: 1324mg compared to 88mg in bananas
  • Protein: 27.1g compared to 3.1g in yogurt

We support a moringa farming community in Ghana through our purchase of their high quality moringa powder. We have also donated money towards the purchase of safety gear, nose masks & gloves. The rest of the money raised will also go towards improving the safety of the farm.
Part of the money is also used as a micro credit programme [0% interest rate] to hire labour for the workers to enable them generate more income.

INCI : Moringa oleifera