Unrefined moringa oil with anti-inflammatory properties.

Nutty and nice #moringaoil
Very soothing on the skin and scalp. Suitable for #cradlecap #nappyrash. Multi vitamin rich #moringaseedoil is also a natural source of silica to help stimulate hair growth. via @_thesupernatural [instagram] #MORINGAOIL: When derived from the pressed seeds of the moringa tree is also called #BenOil because it has high amounts of behenic acid. Moringa oil is a powerful #hairconditioner. It can be used as a hot oil conditioner to deal with nearly any hair related problem. The #hotoiltreatment leaves the hair well moisturised, hair roots nourished, dandruff washed out and scalp less irritated. After use, hair is expected to be more manageable and easier to groom. It adds shine + gloss to hair - thanks to the #behenicacid. Moringa oil also strengthens hair roots and as such can help with hair loss. #Moringaseedoil nourishes weak, damaged hair and reduces lifelessness. [oilhealthbenefits.com]