A rich and pure semi-solid oil native to French Polynesia, Monoi de Tahiti oil is obtained by a process known as enfleurage. Fresh gardenia petals are infused in pure unadulterated coconut oil.
Our Monoi has been authenticated and has a very strong scent. It is a versatile ingredient to add to lip balms, creams, lotions and soap. It can also be used as a hair treatment.

Heavenlii Monoi de Tahiti is a fabulous oil which really moisturises and hydrates the skin/hair - it works best when the skin/hair is slightly damp. You only need a little bit to enjoy the concentrated aroma of this precious oil.

SAP VALUES: .180 (NaOH) .254 (KOH)

INCI : Cocos Nucifera/Gardenia Tahitensis