Mafura butter is so creamy with a gorgeous caramel hue and yummy nutty undertones.
Mafura locally known as miti-mai is a large evergreen tree. The tree which has a smooth bark and belongs to the meliaceae family of trees (such as neem) can grow up to 30m high.
The tree provides timber for fuel + furniture. The seeds produce a yellowish oil which is solid under cold temperatures and can be used in the treatment of cuts and bruises whilst decoction of the roots/bark used as a purgative - hence the name emetica.

The natural 1% content of myristic acid also helps to soothe the scalp - (as used in our scalp butter for years). Due to the low stearic acid content (2 - 3%), the butter should be kept away from direct heat - melts at 20°C.

Our purchase of unrefined mafura butter helps to generate income for the women who collect/process the wild seeds.
This batch is naturally soft and can be added to unrefined cocoa butter for more yummy goodness