Lemongrass is the sweet scented grass normally used in cooking. The leaves are boiled in places like Ghana and drank to help reduce fever. The lemongrass essential oil can be blended with lavender, jasmine and lemon.
You can enjoy the scent of purifying scent of lemongrass when added to a candle.
Do not use neat. Always dilute with a carrier oil

CAUTION: Can be a skin irritant. Consult a doctor before use if you are pregnant or asthmatic.

ALLERGENS : Naturally found in lemongrass essential oil

    Total = 104.1% :
  • Citral 90%
  • Geraniol 7%
  • Limonene 4%
  • Linalool 2%
  • Citronellol 0.8%
  • Eugenol 0.3%

INCI : Cymbopogon citratus