INCI: Sodium bentonite

Bentonite clay [sodium bentonite] is an absorbent clay consisting mostly of montmorillonite and has an incredible ability to absorb excess oil. Its deep cleansing qualities make it ideal for skin prone to pimples. Bentonite is a naturally occurring clay that was originally found in Fort Benton, Eastern Wyoming.
Bentonitie clay expands when wet, absorbing several times its dry mass in water. More suited to oily skin, it can be used in both hair & face masks. For a pore defining face mask, try adding 4:1:1 bentonite:amla:neem 
Just add water and apply to damp hair for a "no shampoo" regime. Rinse out thoroughly.

Sheabutter Cottage natural high quality sodium bentonite is processed only by drying, milling and packaging. It is not treated with any chemicals but this is not for human consumption.


How to Naturally Cleanse Your Body with Bentonite Clay source
Bentonite clay is a powerful natural remedy that offers a variety of benefits. It is easy to use and can be used to treat a wide variety of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

What is Bentonite Clay?
Bentonite clay is formed from volcanic ash found in different parts of the world. Its highest concentration can be found in Benton, Wyoming, hence the name ‘bentonite’. This soft, absorbent clay has been used for centuries to treat medical conditions ranging from wounds to digestive conditions.

Clears Skin of Eczema and Psoriasis
When applied to skin damaged from eczema and psoriasis, bentonite clay immediately soothes the itch and inflammation and works deep within the skin to draw out toxins and impurities.
If inflammation is severe, the clay should remain moist on the skin for several hours by wrapping it in cellophane so it is not allowed to completely dry. Not only will it absorb the inflammation and damaged skin cells, the clay will assist your body in building new tissue!
Another way to ease inflammation of painful skin conditions is to immerse yourself in a warm bath filled with several cups of bentonite clay and soak for 20-30 minutes.