CUCUMBER (Cucumis sativus)
Helps to improve skin elasticity. Also great for cuticles, dry scalp, dry skin and hair

XIMENIA OIL (Ximenia americana)
Cold pressed from the kernels of the sour plum, ximenia oil conditions the scalp and nourishes the hair - especially dry/damaged hair. it is highly emollient and softens the skin. 
Ximenia oil is said to contain ximenyic acid which has been shown to be anti-inflammatory (great on chapped lips).
Nutritionally rich in Vitamin C, ximenia fruit can be eaten raw or made into jams, jellies and a refreshing syrup. 
The seed oil, extracted in various ways, is edible and used in cooking. However, it’s principal use is as an emollient. Ximenia oil is used by bushmen on their bows and bow strings, whilst the women and girls use it to anoint their bodies and hair.
It is a very effective hair oil, rich conditioner and skin softener. Chapped skin is often soothed by massaging Ximenia oil into the affected area. 
Ximenia oil improves the functioning of sebaceous tissues and is an effective treatment for dry skin prone to senescence [the condition or process of deterioration with age].
Ximenia oil is moisturising for hair and skin.