Pamper your scalp with our natural hair therapy oil – a blend of nourishing plant oils subtly scented with essential oils.
Our hair therapy oil is concentrated with 3 powerful scalp soothing cold pressed oils including earthy unrefined guava seed oil, smoky organic black castor oil and silky unrefined hibiscus oil.

A healthy scalp is essential for hair regrowth. Hair loss may be caused by fungus. Other factors can also cause hair loss. We know it too well as I have suffered hair loss due to thyroid issues.
Hair therapy oil is a result of trying to find something to help with the health of my sensitive scalp. This is best enjoyed with a scalp massage ;).

A little bit goes a long way and can be used as a hair dress. However, we find it best is suited for the “GreenHouse Effect” (GHE). For GHE, massage a small amount of our hair therapy oil. [The Greenhouse Effect is the practice of trapping the heat in a controlled environment to help stimulate hair growth.
The GHE is quite simply trapping the natural heat from your own body with a shower cap, so as to create the perfect environment for the pores on your scalp and the follicles to open up, allowing for the growth rate to increase.
It is recommended that you massage oil into the hair to enhance the circulation which will boost the stimulation of the cells once the shower cap is put in place.
This is usually done overnight but if you are at home during the day there is no rule that says it can’t be done then too…. Edited from]