Deep condition and pamper your hair with our natural/vegan friendly cocoa + marula hair delight.
Unscented and packed with marula, hair detangling cocoa, marshmallow and burdock, this is carefully balanced with agave nectar for the softness.
. “If you suffer from dry, brittle, or damaged hair then moisture will be your best friend. Agave nectar is one of nature’s finest humectant that contains sources of calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron. When these natural properties come in contact with hair it can serve as a healthy dose of humectants that pack a punch of moisture that will blow dryness and damage out of the water literally. Using a humectant like agave nectar will attract water in your hair and help you to retain moisture.
Dryness is the mother of breakage and breakage is the father of short hair. Agave nectar will help to seal in moisture and create a film on the cuticles of your hair to help moisten and flatten which helps to create smoothness and manageability.” [Essentious Hair Care]