Q: Why is Ghanaian cocoa different from others?
A: The key stage of producing such wonderful aroma in Ghanaian cocoa is the fermentation. The beans are fermented in small quantities for at least 6 days during which time they are turned.

This pure raw unrefined premium cocoa butter (referred by some as organic) from Ghana has a yummy natural chocolate scent.

It is food grade obtained from quality Ghanaian cocoa beans widely used in good quality chocolate.

Grown under shaded areas, our unrefined premium cocoa butter is naturally hard and brittle at room temperature [under cold temps.] due to the presence of natural stearic/palmitic acid and needs to be warmed up before use.

We love using unrefined cocoa butter in our range of natural toiletries – just divine.
Unlike shea which grows wild, cocoa is planted during the raining season in Ghana. Provision of shade is very important for this to grow. The farmers work very hard in weeding the cocoa farm - this helps the cocoa to grow. More weeds = poor yield. The weeds tend to hide insects which attack the cocoa tree.

EXCERPT FROM WIKIPEDIA: Cocoa butter is one of the most stable fats known, a quality that coupled with natural antioxidants that prevent rancidity, grants it a storage life of two to five years. The velvety texture, pleasant fragrance and emollient properties of cocoa butter have made it a popular ingredient in products for the skin, such as cosmetics, soaps and lotions.