Nourishing cacay is cold pressed from the edible seed of the wild tall Caryodendron orinocense tree and belongs to the same genus as the candelilla tree.
Cacay oil has been documented as containing a high percentage of antioxidant vitamin E. It is also a great source of Retinol (as found in rosehip oil) although this is 2.7x the amount found in rosehip oil.
Quick absorbing cacay oil has anti-inflammatory properties and can help bring relief to dry sensitive skin including eczema, acne and psoriasis. Cacay oil can also be used to help fade scars, protect and improve skin elasticity. Sometimes used as a nail strengthener and although best suited to skin, cacay oil can also be used in the hair to help prevent split ends.
Light and golden in colour, cacay oil has a lovely soft nutty scent - not overpowering and just like most plant oils, a little bit goes a long way. Cacay oil might solidify under colder temperatures due to the presence of natural palmitic + stearic acid

Cacay oil can be used in
  • Facial serums
  • Face creams
  • Cuticle balm
  • Hair/scalp treatment
  • Dry hair
  • Fragile hair
  • Great for damaged hair
  • Soothes itchy scalp
  • Helps promote growth
  • Helps promote hair elasticity
  • Works on low porosity hair
SAP VALUES: .123 (NaOH) .172 (KOH)


INCI : Caryodendron orinocense